Social Media Isn’t Meant To “Generate Leads”

It’s about growing a vibrant community of like-minded humans

As an independent social media manager and consultant, I come across many people who have a peculiar idea in their head about social media.

They imagine a platform of rabid customers just waiting to spend their money at the announcement of a new ebook or service.

They imagine using social media to sell, sell, sell, and seem to carry a mindset of “these people are on Facebook for me to sell to.”

They follow the internet marketing “gurus” and think that, if they just give away enough “free content,” they’ll see reciprocation on the other end. But as it turns out, it doesn’t usually work that way.

While adapting helpful advice from the experienced industry leaders is great, the main problem is this: they’re not considering what’s really in it for their fans/readers/users/audience.

As Andrew Hanelly’s tweet above illustrates, people don’t want want to be treated like they’re nothing more than “qualified leads.” These “leads” you’re communicating with online are humans with real interests, real hopes, real ambitions, and real emotion.

They might care about what you have to offer. But it’s likely that what they care about more is what they can DO with it or how it can better their life in some way.

The special sauce

It’s all about building a community. Instead of just asking them to buy, what kind of awesome thing can you show them? How can you rally people around your idea? How can you teach them something new? How can you truly make their life better by having them see your stuff?

Keep this in mind to start building a vibrant community that grows itself. After all, if you treat your audience right, they’ll treat you right in return. 😊

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