How do I find global buyers online for goods to export ?

To Find Global buyers online now easy, offline involves participation in various trade fair, Get import list from foreign embassies, get membership of your concerned export promotion council etc. This method is expensive but more result oriented. Another option is use internet to promote your product to every corner of world. Register with various B2B portals, Do Online Marketing like Global PPC, International SEO, Email Marketing etc. All these tools deliver results and increase your brand awareness. We at helps small scale exporter in lead generation and export promotion.

When it comes to international trade, several factors require one’s consideration such as language differences, culture distinction, lack of market knowledge and so on. But the most important challenge that an exporter may face is getting global buyers online for his products. Some of the ways that exporters can rise above this challenge are:

Join B2b Portal and start finding global buyers online.

It is not always easy to find global buyers online as it is easy to find sellers of stuff.
 Best approach is to stay on top of online community and keep attending local or international exhibitions — of course that is provided you have enough cash in hand. comes to mind when you have to list your product online.

Being a part of online business communities

LinkedIn, trade directories and lead boards are some of the many ways through which an exporter can engage with potential business contacts.

Being a part of trade shows and missions

Exporters can also build their network of global buyers online through trade missions and trade shows that are organised all year round.

Using trade data and export-import search tools

Trade tools and data can also be employed to find global buyers online. From information on goods transportation to trading price, there is something for everyone.

5. Joining trade associations
 Being a part of trade associations not only lend credibility but also help to build links and leads.

Originally published at on July 27, 2016.