Expon Capital Commits to #MovingForward

VCs from around the globe come together against discrimination & harassment

March 8, 2019 — Expon Capital takes a stand against harassment and discrimination as one of the first VC firms in Europe committed to #MovingForward.

A multifold campaign and open-source directory, #MovingForward unites VC firms that are taking steps to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Although the movement was first established in 2018, today marks its official EU-wide launch.

To become a part, firms must take a pledge and, within 30 days, publish policies for preserving workplace diversity, inclusion and respect. Importantly, they also publicly identify a point of contact through which entrepreneurs can report mistreatment.

Discrimination and harassment tend to flourish where power disparities are found. Through #MovingForward, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists recognize the power gap present in the founder-investor dynamic. Unlike the better regulated employee-employer relationship, it lacks any established legal reporting protocols.

With this commitment, Expon Capital further aligns its actions with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for 2030 — such as reduce inequalities and promote gender equality — which are at the core of our investment strategy,” explained Alain Rodermann, Founding Partner, Expon Capital.

As a venture capital firm devoted to Massive Transformative Purpose, Expon Capital supports startups with the potential for large-scale meaningful impact. Repressing certain groups from fully contributing their ideas to the world ultimately hurts progress.

Often, it is the people who have never been in a position of control who have the motivation to make real change happen,” said Jérôme Wittamer, Founding Partner, Expon Capital. “That’s why we’re behind this movement and support what it truly means for the world.

In addition to encouraging anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, and establishing reporting channels, #MovingForward’s open-source forum is a space where the industry can evolve together.

Its focus encompasses, not just gender inequality and sexual harassment, but also prejudice and mistreatment related to race, age, sexuality, disability, nationality and beyond.

Gender equality is part of #MovingForward, but it extends much further than that,” added Wittamer. “We believe that diversity, inclusion and safe environments change the world because they unleash a new creative energy.

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