Traditional + Virtual Expo. Business model for events’ professionals (I part)

After introduction themeTraditional Expo vs Virtual. NO! It works together”, let’s talk about the value trade shows’ organizers receive.

Our recent survey revealed that the service of Traditional + Virtual trading would encourage 62% of companies which generally do not attend trade shows at all. The interest in such a service is even greater among the companies that were already looking for a new alternative. Tremendous potential to increase events’ attractiveness and efficiency!

So as an organizer, next to the traditional show space, you can offer a new service — virtual trading that allows exhibitors to attend trade shows remotely exploiting the same visitors’ traffic. Sounds crazy, but let see what the benefits are.

“Virtual Meeting Island”

Global provider

The combination of Traditional + Virtual Expo can attract additionally 500 and even more companies during one show. This is not only extra income for organizer. As there are no borders restrictions for far away companies, this allows to attract much more exhibitors from abroad and become global event’s provider.

A big step forward

Digitalization allows customers to keep in touch with trade shows’ industry and do not look around the other alternatives. Using virtual stands, exhibitors are able to eliminate 65% expenses that are not directly related with organizers staff (logistics, travels, accommodation …). This is how they can reduce investments — mostly painful aspect. This is why so many respondents are interested in such a way.

Increased revenue x 4

Virtual trade platform saves rental place. For instance, 150 virtual exhibitors can have place into 40 sqm and serve more than 500 visitors per 4 days’ show. Counting on financial aspects, this gains a higher value of the “Virtual Meeting Island” sqm, generating x 4 extra incomes for the organizer. Submit an organizer’s request on and we will send you a detailed business model description.


No need as this trading technology is made by the Exponeer. The implementation of this service does not require organizer’s investments, no installation, programming or licensing issues.

The post we are going to talk about the next time: Traditional + Virtual Expo. Access 365 days/y (II part)