The EB-5 visa program, like the greencard, is an immigration program designed to become a US citizen.

Unlike Greencard, the EB-5 visa requires a certain amount of investment, starting a business in the United States or purchasing a business or financing an investment program.

How Eb-5 Program Works

The basic requirement of the Eb-5 program is to invest in 500 thousand USD or 1 million USD, to participate in a regional development program or to start a business or to buy an existing business and to employ 10 US citizens. …


Canada is the 13th most exporting country in the world with 449.8 billion USD export.

Canada is the 13th most importing country. total imports 458.9 billion USD. When we compare the import and export figures, we see that Canada has a current account deficit of 9.1 billion USD.

Canada is one of the countries with the highest purchasing power among the G20 countries with annual GDP per capita of USD 1.53 trillion and USD 48100 per capita. On the other hand, although it has a large area of ​​10 million square meters, it has an extremely low population of 37 million.

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With this visa, which is offered to those who want to invest in the United States, it allows investors to work in the interest of the business they have set up, to stop their investments and to live in the US to develop and manage the enterprise they invest in.

The US E2 Visa Agreed Countries

First of all, those who wish to apply for an E2 visa should first check whether there is an investment agreement between their countries and the United States on the US Consulate or Embassy website in their country. …


What Is E1 Visa

The E1 visa enables company owners or company employees to enter the United States to work in a company, company dealer, or agency established to do business with the US. E1 visa is issued for 2 or 5 years and renewed as the commercial activities continue. In this way, with the E1 visa, the right to work in the US territory, only in their own companies, is eliminated.

Who Can Get US E1 Visa?

In order to apply for E1vize, you must be an owner or manager of a company that is engaged in mutual trade with the US. At this point, attention should be paid…


Delaware is the most attractive state for all domestic and foreign investors who want to set up a company in the US. The main reason for this is the fact that state law and company law are protecting the investor and corporate privacy and tax advantages. On the other hand, firms based in Delaware do not pay taxes for out of state revenues.

More than half of US-based companies are based in Delaware including Apple, Google, and Wal-Mart. Another interesting information; 63% of Fortune 500 listed companies are listed in Delaware.

Legislative, executive and judicial bodies in Delaware State continuously…


US Company Types

There is no need to be a US citizen in the United States or even reside in the US. The procedures for setting up companies in each state in the United States and the taxes applied to companies are different. In addition, the US currently has different characteristics in existing company types. Therefore, those who want to establish a company in the US should decide where and what type of company to establish.

If you want to set up a company in the USA. if you have expectations such as low opening costs of your company, low taxes, quick and…


Study in The United States

In US states, university education is provided in schools supported and managed by the state or local government. Each of the 50 US states has at least one state university and possibly several state colleges. For this reason, the names of some state schools pass the word “State”.

Private Colleges or Universities in USA:

Private colleges and universities are schools that are established as private enterprises, independent of the state, and are taught at an annual wage.

Private school tuition fees are generally higher than in state schools.

Colleges prepare for business life by educating students who have the technical…


Mexico is the 12th largest exporter of the world with an export share of 450 billion USD. In 2017, Mexico increased its export capacity from 409 billion USD to 10% at the end of 2018.

On the other hand, Mexico is also the 12th most importing country in the world. In 2017, imports increased from 420 billion USD to 462 billion USD in 2018. Therefore, we can say that the growth experienced in exports is balanced with imports and the country continues to provide a current deficit.

The US has been pushing both Canada and Mexico to change the terms…


US Visa

US travelers are required to obtain a US visa to enter US territory. You can apply for a US visa application no more than 3 months before your trip. The US visa procedure must be at least 5 to 6 weeks before the date of possible travel to the country in order for the US visa applicator to avoid interruption of travel plans. According to the intensity of the application, the appointment date can be given after 3–4 weeks for the interview.

They must check the passport validity of all passport holders to apply before the US Non-Immigrant Visa and…


DAP / Delivered at Place (Specified Place of Delivery, term)

DAP Delivery term is the delivery very similar to CIP. The seller ie exporter company responsible for the main shipment until the goods reach the buyer facility. Avoid any confusion regarding the final destination, it's better to mention on invoice and sales agreements as “DAP … City”

As a note, incoterms including 11 different delivery methods and DAP is the one of this in D group incoterms..

Delivery at Place

In the form of DAP delivery, the exporter company organizes the shipment process in such a way as to deliver the cargo to an agreed place or the buyer’s facility in the country…


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