1–888–269–0130 Hotmail Customer Care Number

Hotmail is a free web-based email service launched by Microsoft in 1997. The founders of Hotmail are Smith and Mr. S. Bhatia. With billions of users and customers worldwide, Hotmail Customer Care Number Hotmail has become the most favorable email service provider. It is comfortable almost with all famous browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. One can store around 5GB data or information on Hotmail. The video and audio chat facility in Hotmail has made billions of customers to switch to this efficient, easy and fun to utilize mailing package.

Despite the Hotmail being user-friend, the customers still may face some technical problems with it. Then that really leaves them with the only option of taking expert technical help for Hotmail. In this case, the users must contact the experts through the Hotmail Customer Care Number +91 1–888–269–0130

For the USA, the users can contact the experts through Hotmail Customer HelplineNumber: 1–888–269–0130 For Canada, the users can contact the experts through Hotmail Customer Support Number: 1–888–269–0130

For the US, the users can contact the experts through Hotmail Technical Number: 1–888–269–0130

They have a team of certified and experienced technicians who can guide and assist you with all sort of technical issues related to your Hotmail account. Hotmail Customer support number provides 24/7 online guidance to their customers all over the world. Sometimes you may deal with certain problems with your Hotmail account that cannot be fixed by its own. Then you actually need help from the Hotmail technical experts. And even if sometimes when the expert is also not able to resolve your Hotmail problems then you might choose to approach the official Hotmail service which is available online.

Why contact Hotmail Customer Support Number?

Reliable Hotmail Customer Support

1. Certified and experienced Technical Professionals available 24*7 365 days

2. Secure and Remote Access Online.

3. 100% Satisfactory Help Services from anywhere and anytime.

4. Instant Hotmail issue supports on call

Unique features of Hotmail email service

· Quick view and single click filter- You will be able to filter all the emails

· Office web application integration- With this feature one can edit documents like power point, excel, word file, etc.

· Making categories- Making categories allows you to label senders or messages into a particular group. These categories will then become visible under Quick views.

· Active view- You are able to interact with the contents directly

The technicians are known for providing Hotmail support & help for almost all the Hotmail problems like:
 1. Change in the settings of your Hotmail Account
 2. Provide guidance when your Hotmail account runs slowly
 3. Provide guidance to configure your Hotmail account with Outlook account
 4. Help Hotmail for use in Mobile Browser
 5. Provide quick and easy help for Hotmail links that sends virus
 6. Help to recover Emails
 7. Assure customers for removing Spammed Emails
 8. Support for Hotmail Account which is disabled
 9. Help in recovering Hotmail Password
 10. Helping users when their Hotmail Password gets expired


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