Take Care of the Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair for Braiding

Whether curly or straight, you love to add some newness to your old boring hair. Hectic life will not just allow you to experiment with versatile hairdos. But extensions perhaps will refresh your look.

That is why you should try the heat resistant synthetic hair for braiding. Varieties of options are there in terms of the color just try anyone you like. On the contrary, this updated hair extension needs some care from you. Just nail on some tips, which will you, follow to have a silky braided hair.

Steps to follow

  1. Get a suitable shampoo only for synthetic hair: The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep an extra shampoo, which is specially crafted for the synthetic hair. This means, never try to wash it with the normal shampoo. In addition, what matters is that you can use hot water as it has the ability tolerate high temperature. Bur again you have to be a bit cautious because cheap products can actually hamper the program. That is why you need to get an anti-static electricity shampoo, which will not react, to salt and oil. 
    2. Use tangle free conditioner: As you are apt to deal with normal hair, you have to learn the ways to treat the synthetic hair. If you want to use it frequently, then make sure that it should be tangle free. It is true that these hairs are incapable of absorbing the naturally formulated conditioner. That is why you should use the other one specially created and contains oils made from avocado or jojoba. You can either use a leave in conditioner or else simply use the water conditioner. Once you apply just leave it for 10 minutes. Then sprinkle some water to rid of the conditioner.
    3. Combing and styling: This again requires a bit of your effort. In fact, combing and styling are the most important things. As you want to use the synthetic extension for braiding, it is better to get the straight hair. To retain the texture and pattern you can use combs with a wide tooth. Make sure that while combing the hair, you spray some water to restore the look. 
    4. Use the blow dryer: Now, once you are done with the washing, you have to give a deliberate effort to dry the hair. In most of the cases, you cannot use the blow dryer as it might ruin the synthetic extension. But as you are using the heat resistant braiding hair, you can use the hot blow dryer without any ambiguity as this is technically formulated to operate with hot equipment.

For styling, you can use flat or curling irons, but sine you are using the heat tolerant synthetic extensions. You can easily handle this but be careful not to go overboard.

Thus, you can see that these are some of the basic steps, which you should follow while you wish to get the synthetic hair extension. It is better to get the natural black color from supreme brands.