The variations and different purposes of obscure glass

Combining privacy and style, obscure glass offers the perfect alternative for windows and doors. There is a wide range of obscure glass types available, however, at Express Toughening our glass suits a variety of needs and requirements.

Obscure glass offers state of the art value. No matter which obscure glass you choose, you have the opportunity to create a unique style and feel to your home.

What are the variations of obscure glass?

1. Frosted satin

2. Oriel

3. Patterned glass

4. Sandblasted glass

The fact that you have a choice to choose from makes it highly desirable — you can decide the size, shape, texture, colour and style of your glass — suiting the specific style of your home! Discover how obscure glass can be used for different purposes:

Frosted satin

Are you looking to diffuse light? Whether it be in your kitchen or bathroom, frosted glass is ideal for generating light, but most importantly, offering privacy. The purpose of frosted satin glass is to restrict visibility — making it suitable for bathroom windows, doors and shower screens.

In addition to this, frosted satin is low maintenance — you needn’t worry about those mucky fingerprints and dirt marks on your glass — obscure glass is easy to clean — making life much easier for you!


Oriel glass is a form of obscure glass that can enhance the design of any room, of any size. This type of glass uses natural light — offering sophistication. Are you looking for obscure glass that is decorative?

At Express Toughening, we have a variety of designs that incorporate unique patterns — which are bound to suit your specific needs for obscuring attention. The purpose of oriel glass is to make a statement, so if your bathroom is simplistic — an oriel glass shower screen could create an elegant finish.

Do you aim to enhance thermal insulation? Oriel glass is perfect for you if you want to create additional safety and security! Perhaps you want to keep the volume in the rest of your home to a minimum, oriel glass can obscure sound too as well as ensuring obscurity.

Patterned glass

From classic to contemporary, a patterned glass can emphasise the style of any room. Unlike other obscure glass, patterned glass offers the perfect alternative — allowing you to choose how transparent the glass is. If you want a high level of transparency a grade 1 would be most suitable, however, if you want your glass to offer more of an opaque value, perhaps consider a grade 5. This doesn’t compromise your need for privacy, therefore allowing you to feel more comfortable!

The purpose of this glass is to emphasise the interior decoration of your room, but ultimately putting your mind at rest, not compromising your privacy.

Sandblasted glass

Are you someone who prefers modern aspects rather than traditional? If so, sandblasted glass is a modern equivalent to ordinary glass. This type of glass ensures a smooth finish, offering a natural finish — not standing out like a sore thumb.

One advantage of sandblasted glass is that it can be customised; why don’t you put your company logo or name on your glass partition? Not only does this meet your needs and wants of concealing, it ultimately adds value to your glass- making it personal and imaginative.

Express Toughening have many different variations of obscure glass, we install these for you to ensure they last- providing you with excellent value for money.

For more information, speak to one of our professionals!

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