I think the response has to be a bit more nuanced than that.
Theresa Reichley

Hi, Theresa, thanks for the response.

I addressed this issue in the article. Yes, Trump campaigned using some divisive ideas, but not all his ideas as based on divisive politics. It is possible that people voted for him *in spite* of his ignorance, not because of it.

Secondly, Trump is no exception. People support causes, movements or individuals that are deeply prejudicial, all the time. Hence the analogy in the article.

If you think it’s necessary to “deal with” Trump supporters because of Trump’s bigotry, then you must also accept that we need to “deal with” muslims, based on the Islam’s bigotry.

Or, we can accept, like I said, that unless someone expressly states that they hold racist views, they probably voted for Trump in spite of his ignorance, not because of it. Just like most muslims follow Islam in spite of its more violent instructions, not because of them.

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