I don’t know whether to congratulate you or smack you across the face.
Laura Hunt Manville

The OP said some things I find valuable and noble and even agree with, however, the OP made several non-sequitur and unprovoked generalized appeals to gender, class and race. That always warrants criticism, that isn’t even a question. If he had cited some statistics I may have changed my mind about commenting, but these were baseless appeals.

And of course I find it irritating. This is the epitome of hate: a giant brush with broad strokes that seeks to divide and separate without any thought to or consideration of the details and individuals involved. This is precisely what perpetuates pain, suffering and violence. I have a massive problem with that, and if there’s any possibility of that here then yes I do feel the need to draw attention to the OP’s comment and I don’t apologize for that.

However I do expect an apology from you. Why did you feel the need to hit me? when is that ever acceptable?

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