Elliot Rodger, Male Entitlement, and Pathologization
Ben Kling

thank you for pulling apart strands to contemplate. i was unable to look at Elliot Rodger’s 15 minutes when it first occurred, my resistance to it being total. you’ve given me a way in.

i do feel sympathy for this monster, who has nowhere to go in contemporary corporate culture and its diabolic offers of one-click sensual gratification. he seems to have no perspective on his feelings, and yet he is a writer, and as a writer i feel compassion.

reading this in the wake of Harvey W, i’m reading Harvey’s demon, and this privileged glimpse into the sinkhole of male privilege/paranoia/pathos is enlightening. you’ve set up the paradign of comparing cases without waiting for permission. it’s called analogy and it’s a godsend in our literal-minded landscape.

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