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Are your dentures broken or cracked? Or do you have severely ill-fitting dentures? Dentures suffer from a lot of daily wear and tear and break easily or become damaged when dropped. They can also be weakened as a result of tooth grinding or if they no longer fit your mouth properly.
When a person who wears dentures has a crack in a tooth or their dentures fall on the floor and break, then he/she needs to repair their dentures. Sometimes when a patient has a few loose or missing teeth, they need partial denture repair, whereas when the number of missing or loose teeth are more, they will need a complete denture repair.
When the dentist recommends partial dentures, that means the patient’s most of the teeth are in good working condition; they are strong enough to hold onto the new set of partial dentures. When there are no strong teeth, the patient needs complete dentures. A dentist will perform an operation to fit the complete dentures properly.

Unfortunately, this is not always an easy process, as getting complete dentures requires 3 to 5 dental visits. And it’s a good thing to remember that dentures do not have a shelf life of more than 20 years and they will need denture repair depending on the type of care you give them. In some cases, denture repairs can take as little as an hour, but at most, a few days.
There are some dentists who offer same-day denture repair. They have a dental laboratory and technician on-site or close by. Their dental labs use acrylics, denture adhesives and professional-grade teeth to make repairs that are not available in a store. They have highly trained lab technicians to re-model dentures or make custom impressions if necessary.
However, the time it takes for denture repairs varies. It mainly depends on the severity of damage. For example, an experienced dentist may be able to repair a broken tooth in a couple of hours, but a cracked base may take at least 24 hours to repair.

Most people think dentures last a lifetime, but they don’t. Their duration depends on their level of quality and care you put into them. 
If you leave your dentures with food stuck between the teeth or drop them on the floor a few times in a day, then surely they are not going to last very long. This will result in frequent dental visits for denture repair. Dentures were never meant to last for an extremely long time, but with the proper care, you will be able to avoid excessive dental visits and you will feel happy about saving your valuable time and money.

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