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There are many people who avoid getting dentures because of some misconceptions about the look and discomfort of having ‘false teeth’. But, the fact is, today’s partial and full dentures gives the look and feel like your natural teeth. Few people will even notice the difference. A dental professional can ensure that you enjoy a comfortable fit and natural look. If the denture does not properly fit, it will cause problems.

A poorly fitted dentures can cause pain and discomfort. That’s why, dentists provide a custom-fitted denture for your mouth. The properly fitted false teeth not only offers more comfort, but they also prevent and resolve a number of complications such as infections, sores, etc. Thus, it is important to ensure that your replacement teeth fit comfortably and securely.

When your dentures don’t fit properly, they cause more than just trouble with eating and speaking. Over time, the discomfort you feel can be increase and transform to begin causing oral health problems. A poorly fit denture will lead to irritation of the gums, as a result, sores and blisters can develop. These wounds to the gums can cause bacterial and fungal infections. The pain from the sores can make it even more difficult to eat, causing you to avoid certain foods, which will impact your daily dietary requirements.

In addition, dentures are needed to support the natural structure of the face. If your dentures don’t fit correctly, it promotes the deterioration of bone and gum loss. As the structures are lost, the appearance of your face can begin to change from the lack of support. It’s not uncommon for sagging of the face and sunken lips to develop.

When false teeth don’t fit correctly, many try to use more adhesive and denture creams to keep the teeth in place. But, this also poses risks. Using too much creams can cause you to be exposed to an unhealthy amount of zinc. High levels of zinc are known to cause symptoms of neuropathy, which can be permanent

Thus, the only key to reducing your risk for all of these complications while promoting your quality of life is with a properly fitting pair of replacement teeth.

Dentures are used to replace a few or all of your teeth. There are two types of dentures- partial and full dentures.
Partial dentures are used as a replacement where one or more teeth are missing. They may be fixed or removable. Fixed dentures, also called as implants, are bonded permanently in place. These dentures look and function like normal teeth and are a bit more expensive than removable dentures.

On the other hand, Full dentures are a full set of false teeth that are used to replace all of the missing teeth in your upper and lower jaw. If you have some natural teeth left, your dentist may suggest overdentures that will fit over them.

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