Smile That Brilliant Smile, Let The Full Dentures Philadelphia Pa Take Over

Teeth add glamor to your appearance and help a person to eat food. You may have an incomplete set of teeth because of tooth decay, gum disease, and missing teeth. When all the teeth are extracted or go missing the person is advised a complete set of artificial teeth to be able to eat and speak properly. Teeth are necessary to prevent the facial skin from sagging. Missing teeth can be replaced with the help of artificial removable teeth called dentures.

A skin colored acrylic base is fixed snugly over the gums when a person is recommended full dentures Philadelphia PA by the dentist. The upper denture’s base is positioned right above the roof of the mouth called palate, and the lower denture has a horseshoe like shape. A dental laboratory can make the dentures customized according to a person’s mouth, teeth and gum size.
Full dentures may be placed inside the mouth when all the teeth are extracted and the underlying tissues and tooth socket heal properly. This process cannot be done overnight and the healing and placement of full dentures Philadelphia PA, may take months. Sometimes a removable denture that is customized according to the size of the mouth of the patient is placed inside the mouth on the same day of extractions.
The measurements of the jaw are taken in an earlier visit and this denture can be remade or realigned when the healing is complete, but till then the patient doesn’t have to stay without teeth. It is necessary to keep getting the denture adjusted because when the teeth are extracted from the supporting bone, the area is still in the healing process. The bone keeps changing shape during the healing process, and because of this shrinking, the denture has a tendency to become loose and bounce about. Immediate dentures need many adjustments before they snugly and comfortably fit over the gums. Try to keep these dentures in the “temporary solution” category and order your conventional dentures now!

Dentures need time and patients may have to adhere to several dental appointments. The restoration of artificial teeth is not easy and needs expertise. The dentist is an expert in replacing and restoring lost teeth and for this proper measurement and impression of the jaw has to be taken. The proper spacing of the teeth shows up on the wax impression of jaws, and this helps in prepare the exact denture shape that will fit the patient. The patient tries out artificial set and then the much-needed adjustments are made with the underlying wires.

You may have to try the wax impression once or twice before it is sent for a proper denture. The proper shape, color and fit of the denture is prepared, and after that the patient has to get used to the foreign body in the mouth. In the first few weeks, you may feel that the dentures are loose, jumping about or pinching the gums. The muscles of the face and the tongue prompt the denture to stay in place and the dentist can help you loosen or tighten it. The mouth may feel sore, the saliva may drool and the voice may slur, but this is the closest you are ever going to get to your natural teeth so it is better to smile the “artificial smile” and let the dentures take over.