Extra Watts Announces a Strategic Partnership with Sigmadex

Sigmadex is a decentralized, cross-chain, and multi-asset marketplace governed by its community of users. The protocol strives toward a completely decentralized future in which clever algorithms replace counterparty risk, removing human errors in money management.

Sigmadex seek to create the ultimate automatic liquidity protocol utilizing game theory, DeFi, and blockchain technology to establish a balanced decentralized economy. By building a decentralized, user-friendly, multi-asset brokerage with low latency and community control, Sigmadex solves the liquidity and latency difficulties affecting the current DeFi market.

With Sigmadex, end-users will be able to participate in the voting and governance process in modifying certain protocol variables. It thus helps prevent industry shortcomings such as rug-pulls which impact further adoption of DeFi at an institutional level. Thus, it prevents highly elaborate exit scams or massive liquidity pull outs and increases the overall trust in the new decentralized financial system.

This is how SigmaDex works: when users obtain Tokens by staking assets required for liquidity pools and farming contracts, the native token or other assets are linked together. Users then set the maturity date for their contract and supply tokens on Sigmadex. The higher the investment, the more incentives on Sigmadex for users.

The model proposed by Sigmadex is developed to change liquidity criteria and provide a suitable ratio for customers who want to explore synthetic asset pools in the current market situation. Without a dynamic value, a fixed value leads to over-collateralization, which prevents people from participating in the development of synthetic assets or taking out loans.

Why the partnership with Sigmadex?

Extra Watts has been at the forefront of endorsing new crypto and blockchain ventures. We are constantly hunting for new and creative crypto and blockchain initiatives. We believe Sigmadex can provide unprecedented value for the DeFi sector because it has a well developed rewards model to incentivize its users.

Their intentional approach to community building illustrates why the protocol is expected to grow in market share. This is one key thing that aids the growth of NFT marketing and sales. Sigmadex allows everyone to generate passive income through participation. The Sigmadex system is designed and administered by a reasonably dispersed community of native token holders.

To address current industry fallbacks, Sigmadex implements a novel model of building community trust while still developing an interoperable DeFi Platform where users can safely use cross-chain features for their benefit. Multiple purposeful strategies are implemented to help the DAO become more powerful, and these are strategic solutions ExtraWatts is always on the lookout for. Our investment definitely will pull more punches for Sigmadex, and we cannot wait to see the protocol pull through.

About Sigmadex

Sigmadex is creating the optimal automatic liquidity protocol by combining game theory, DeFi, and blockchain technology to create an open-source balanced decentralized economy. It does away with the need for trusting any intermediaries, promotes decentralization, and is run by the community.

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About Extra Watts

Extra Watts is a venture capital that exclusively invests in innovative technology, with a focus on distributed ledger technologies and mobility. We believe adoption comes from the underlying vision and the vision is a product of founders aiming to take the adoption to the next level. We support teams with an understanding of blockchain technology, and how it could be implemented into a product.

With a large network of industry leaders, and a subsidiary development and marketing company, we are supporting teams to take their idea and product to the market in the most effective way.

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Extra Watts is a venture capital focused on blockchain tech.

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Extra Watts

Extra Watts

Extra Watts is a venture capital focused on blockchain tech.

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