How To Make Perfume: The Process

Perfume is the basic necessity to all foul smelling troubles. Perfumes are the one way solution to ward off all smelly feet and armpits. They have been our savior since ages. The perfume was derived from the word per fumes meaning smoke. It has been in our civilization since 3300 B.C. It was during the Indus valley civilization that people started noticing the importance of scented flowers and their extraction for making perfumes. The pure essential oils from plants were actually used. The term ittar was specifically used during those days. The western came to know about this magical spray in the 14th century due to the invasion of Arabic culture in their land. But the Hungarians were the first to introduce the modern perfume base. They had innovation in their genes.

All said and done about the rich history of perfumes, let us know some of the methods to extract the perfume from home products like pure essential oils from lavender and citrus fruit. Pure grain alcohol is also used in some of the perfume processes. You do not have to shell out large chunks to have one. Just a few hundreds and you are all set to go

· Pure grain alcohol or vodka is used in this process. Another key ingredient is an essential oil and vanilla extract. Next are glycerine and some distilled water. The process needs the support of glass bottles, measuring cup, tunnel, jars for use. The process starts with the sterilization process of glass jars. Then the alcohol is added in the jar. The alcohol can be Everclear or Vodka. It should be one fourth of the total amount you want to make. Then, three notes are made according to the scent you want to add. The first one contains the scent which will eventually wear off. It can be lime juice, grapefruit oil or spearmint. The second note has the scent like coriander, basil and rosemary. The third and last note of the process should have the strongest scent. It can include sandalwood, patachouli and others. Then, the final stage begins. Add a few drops of essential oils and let it age.

· Another process is the inclusion of cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves and vanilla beans. The process is mostly similar to that of the above except that the cinnamon sticks need to be crushed before using it. This perfume is used in hot baths foe the aroma.

· If you are in for some flowers, try this one. This includes lavender flowers, chamomile and lavender flowers. The flowers can be dried or fresh form. Then some vodka is also used. They are crushed and the essential oil is extracted from them. Then the above process is done to make the perfume.

Extractohol is Pure grain alcohol, and is best for the highest quality pure essential oils that helps extract maximum amount of material in the least possible time.

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