The Inspiring Story Of A Cancer Patient

Rick Simpson is a source of inspiration to many. He is famous among people affected with cancer of one kind or the other. The story of his life is an interesting one. He has been giving away cancer medicine for free to affected people for 10 years now.

Success Story Of Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson himself is a cancer affected patient with carcinomas on his face and skin. Like every other victim, Rick went on with the surgery and tried to get rid of them. Since surgery produced no results, Rick was on the lookout for alternatives. This is when he suddenly remembered hearing about extracts from cannabis plant and certified organic alcohol being able to cure cancer in mice. He then advanced to check if the extract cures cancer on human beings too. He tried the experiment on himself. He extracted oil from the cannabis plant and applied it to the affected areas using bandages for a period of four years continuously. When he checked for the carcinomas after four years, he was surprised to see them gone.

Origin Of His Product

Later he began to plant cannabis in his own garden in large numbers. He personally began extracting oil from them and started doing his cancer friends a favor by giving them away. His story has been made into a documentary film. He has also written a book based on his discovery. Now his product is available in the name of Rick Simpson Oil in the market.

The Role Of Plant Extracts In Curing Diseases

Cancer treatment using aromatherapy oils has been in existence for 2000 years. Treatment of cancer using culinary extracts is still an area vastly studied by research. There are several plants like cannabis, certified organic alcohol and other plant parts suspected to have cancer-curing properties. Not only plant extracts, but also different varieties of fungi are being studied as a cure for cancer. Especially in places like South East Asia and China, there are several varieties of indigenous herbal plants available. These plant parts are dried up, ground into powder form and then composed into capsules or pills of different doses for consumption. These capsules are customized according to every patient and his needs. When consumed for a stipulated period of time, they are found to produce great results in many.

Two Ways Of Absorption

There are two ways of taking cannabis for a cure. The first way is to smoke the cannabis plant and inhale its contents till the lungs absorb the residue of the plant. The second way is to extract oil from the plant and ingest it normally like any other medicine. It is to be noted that the former way allows the only absorption of the plant is small doses as smoking the plant reduces its efficiency and the lung is also a poor absorber of nutrients. While the latter way offers at least 8 times stronger oils which when ingested, is absorbed efficiently by the digestive tract which is meant for absorbing nutrients from food. It is found that consumption of culinary extracts in their oil form can also cure arthritis, Parkinson’s and hepatitis, apart from cancer. Patients who are currently using smoking treatment can begin to take aromatherapy oils along with smoked cannabis for better results.

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