A letter to the ideologues…

The wrong kind of attitude.

If you think making history is more important than maintaining stability, or if you associate compromise with capitulation, then you’re not just nuts —

You’re wingnuts.

If you’re willing to listen to the facts; both the left and the right have some decent arguments. I don’t think anyone should sleight the intelligence of liberals or conservatives; both are excellent investigators and skilled debaters. Either side of the paradigm has also managed to generate a significant amount of progress.

For instance, if we associate classical liberalism or American free market values with the political right; it makes quite a great deal of sense to say that a market economy, industrialism, and an emphasis on efficiency has led to exponential growth, and a decline in poverty. More people are living in healthier conditions than ever. Unfortunately but cunningly, the left is quick to critique this narrative by underlining societal inequalities.

Critical theory has trained the left well — they’re sleuths to say the least. Notably, the left focuses on exposing how ‘unfair’ society currently is, or maybe, has become. For instance, income inequality is by far one of the largest issues in the United States. There’s a lot of work to be done.

Furthermore, if it weren’t for the progressives, there would be no civil rights nor labor rights. Women wouldn’t have the right to vote, non-Whites would be treated even worse, and children would still be working in coal mines.

Three cheers for liberal and conservative politics alike.

Problematically, both sides are getting more extreme and more demanding.

The progressives are racing to the goal line and are willing to do just about anything to get there. Everything from taking over colleges to blocking ambulances.

Arguably, the right isn’t any better. Maybe they feel unheard or disrespected, but acting just as inflammatory or turning out to protests with the intention of fighting is not mature or even acceptable.

I don’t believe it’s too late for civil discourse. I certainly don’t believe either side is perfectly right or wrong.

‘The rest of us’ should not have to deal with the two-party-incivility anymore.

Social issues are deeply complex; fighting wastes valuable time that can be used to solve issues, not exacerbate them. Let’s not make America great again by staining it with more blood. Let’s reconstruct what it means to lead the way in freedom, democracy, and the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Or maybe I’m just as dogmatic as the rest of them. Want to tell me about it? Leave a comment below. I’m tired of this left — right paradigm. Whatever happened to moving forward? Follow me on Medium for more political rants and ravings or Twitter for cheeky comments.

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