Sometimes you’re just not ready.

Fuck what the productivity gurus say about the habits of gazillionaires. Fuck what the entrepreneurship gurus say about hustling. Fuck what the fitness gurus say about changing your relationship to food. I mean, all of that information might be valuable and useful, but here’s what the gurus won’t ever say to you:

Maybe now’s not the time. Maybe you’re not ready. Maybe you need to go through something or somethings until you can to lose weight or launch a startup or whatever.

And here’s what they definitely won’t tell you:

Respect your pace. Trust yourself. When it’s time, you’ll be sure of it. Until then, take it easy: stay on your day job, keep those extra pounds or whatever. It’s ok to not be ready.

I get it, you want everything and you want it now. You want to be like the thin, rich, independent people you follow on social media, and that’s ok. Maybe the day will come when you’ll be like them. But you’ll never get there if you hate yourself for not having a strict morning routine or some shit like that.

So enjoy waking up late and eating junk food. It just might be what you need, at least for now.