BlueSmart: Empowering the Travelers.

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#1 What is BlueSmart? BlueSmart is a first, smart, and innovative carry-on that allows you to connect real-time wherever you are. The product, which resembles a traditional carry-on we have, adds the connectivity between users and a carry-on through any mobile devices, using wifi to control from a distance.

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#2. Why this is good? Previously, when you travel, you may be worried if the carry-on is overweight, thereby ending up paying additional fees. BlueSmart will have you checked easily on the luggage’s weight. Never will you ever pack too much again!

#3. Moreover, the product gives the user’s ability to lock through the phone without the need to get a lock. (Sorry Master Lock or Combination companies, bad news).

#4. And if you can lock the carry-on from the phone, of course you can track it in the same way as the Iphone 6 that could be tracked via “Find My Iphone”.

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#5. The cost is only $399 usd., which has not included the shipping cost. This is a pretty good deal.

#6. To have a better value proposition, companies nowadays must consider integrating technology in their product as more numbers of people will rely on the Internet as part of their everyday life.

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#Obs1: In “How the Internet of Things Is Transforming Travel”, the writer provided the statistics of Internet of Things Spending by Industry in April 2015, and it is worth noting that travel, transportation, and hospitality was given the highest amount of spending compared to the other sectors.

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#Obs2: Internet of Things (IoT) can revolutionize how we behave, something that the previous generation didn’t experience. It’s the power of digital innovation that creates changes in the world, and that is by no means far from reality. We need to cherish the growth in technology, information, and innovation.

#Obs3: don’t forget to visit for more details.

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