Lions are the king of plains and Tigers rule the jungle, but face to face who should be won? As compared by weight Tigers are heavier than lions, it suggests that Tigers got more ability of success. You have to prove it right or wrong in “Lion vs. Tiger 2 Wild Adventure” where the gamer will be in action as Lion or Tiger for a fight for the survival.

The gamers looking for more fun they need to enjoy the game on the go with its amazing graphics for high-end devices. Sound quality seems nice and realistic too. But the game is also visible for low-end devices with a low graphics option. So don’t be stressed over it. The mini map will be another great option to be aware of movements of the opponent. The other animals can also be tracked with it. Hunting other animals is now easier with it.

Fighting against your opponent is also an amazing and easy task with improved controls of the game. Moving, Fighting and running in the wide area of the jungle is now comfortably possible. While fighting against the opponent the player can increase his health bar by hunting other animals of the jungle for survival.

The game will be more difficult by continuing your mission and the number of animals to hunt will also be increased. This will require more fighting skills and more hard work. Your opponents will be more active against you as well.

Lion vs. Tiger 2 Wild Adventure” has more than your expectations for you in a single game and it deserves a try from you. You can download it to your mobile from Google play store by clicking on the link below. Check out more games at “9xt Play Studios” and please give us a feedback about the game that how can we improve our games for you.

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