Why Did You Choose Sending a Parcel with ExtraShip

The traditional way of sending parcel means stand in long queue and wait for your turn to book shipment where you have to follow all terms and conditions and main thing is you have to carry your parcel to post office.

That was traditional way of sending parcel with post office but with private courier companies it became easier and you don’t have to stand in queues and waste your valuable time. However you will have limited choice of delivery options.

Instead Sending Parcel with ExtraShip is quicker and you will have Cheaper Parcel Delivery Rates from big couriers to make comparison and to choose the best that fits your requirement. In this article we will discuss how we have made it easy for you to send parcel with America’s cheapest courier services online and Freight Quotes from Top Shipping Companies.

Follow easy steps online and Send your Parcel from home and office by using America’s cheapest courier service online.


  • Shipping quotes for given addresses will be absolutely free and no Sign up required.
  • Fill in information including to & from addresses with accurate weight, length and height of package.
  • Once you fill all correct information, ExtraShip will search for best deals from best couriers.

Tip: To avoid extra charges in case of inaccurate weight or dimension measurement, please refer our guidelines for Weighting and Measurement.


  • ExtraShip offers you best deals from best couriers including your favorite with option for extra security as well.
  • Go through all offers provided and make the right choice.

Tip: Don’t get surprised! As we offer unbelievably cheapest rates for shipment from your favorite couriers Check offers now.

  • Even simple SignUp can avail BIG discount to you.


  • After choosing best offer, fill all required information and check out to pay due amount.
  • One you make payment, print labels and stick on your package.


  1. Please double check to and from addresses and choose most convenient dates for package collection.
  2. All though we offer safest shipment, still you can get extra security by paying minimal charges.
  3. Printed Documents includes Main Label, which needs to be fold from three side and stick to make pouch, in where rest of all documents should be kept.


  • Once you stick label pouch on top of the package, just wait for courier boy for package collection at given address between 8am to 5pm. This is also called Doorstep pickup facility for convenience of customers which also saves their valuable time.

Tip: Please make sure you will be present at collection address for time given on date chosen or just call courier for exact timing.

Track Your Shipment

Get Discounts

  • ExtraShip offers most affordable shipping rates (Cheapest Shipping Rates) in America from best couriers.
  • Moreover, we also Offers some discounts which makes us, America’s Cheapest Shipping Service.
  • Once your shipment is done successfully, you will get discount for which you are eligible in your ExtraShip Wallet.

Tip: You have to SignUp to avail all discounts.

The traditional way of shipping is time consuming and costly while ExtraShip offers America’s cheapest shipping service which includes free shipping quotes from well-known couriers with secure payment and additional facilities like Doorstep pick up and track your shipment.

Moreover ExtraShip also offers Big Discounts on Quoted Prices Which make it Cheapest Courier Service in America.