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Free as a bird. Free to be who we want to be. Most people dream about what they want to do, others make it happen. But what about those who cannot seem to break the chains that bind them?

Remarkable things can happen if you let yourself go. But some of us feel that if we let go, we might get our you-know-whats chopped off. Why risk it if you do not feel overly confident that you CAN move forward to be who we really want to be? …

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DISCLAIMER: This is my own political assessment. I don’t subscribe to everyone’s ideas, and the opinions reported here are simply that. Opinions.

Although I consider myself more of a moderate political individual, I do share some views that lean toward a conservative balance and I am not ashamed of that. I grew up this way. My family is split in their views, but I like to think that I am educated enough to hear both sides of an issue and make up my own mind as to how I want to view them, and then act on them accordingly.

The last few years has been a doozy as we have heard from many leaders, in and out of politics, and their views on an alternative style of Government. But more importantly, we have heard from many who are focused on Socialism. That mean, nasty, dirty word. …

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See if you can identify with me on this. You can’t seem to come to terms with who you are as a person no matter how much you try, where you go, or what you do. The first thing you want to do is lash out, to let your defeat become your ruler. This makes you spiral even further into a depressive state that you feel like you cannot return to “normal” because it is so overwhelming.

Or within your depressive state, the confines of being stuck in a rut make you want to vomit. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe how you truly feel about some of the more depressive spats you get into with yourself. …

Robert is a self-proclaimed media savant with a penchant for photography, loves to travel, and write about products he loves.

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