The most xenophobic country in Europe

As a result of global refuges immigration from the Middle East, it occurs the increasing of Xenophobia in Europe. And which country is the most xenophobic among thee all European countries?

According to research result which was conducted in 2016 by an American research centre Pew, was found that the most xenophobic state in Europe is Hungary. Though, even long before the European immigration crisis, Hungary was always one of the firsts when the case concerns Xenophobia. One example of it is a position of Hungarians regarding Muslims in country, 72% of all population has negative view. It is more than in Poland where it is 66%, in Spain 50% and in France where despite the very high percentage of Muslims and Paris attack the negative view is 29%. Hungarian socialist Andrew Shick claims that Xenophobia in Hungary is active from 1992, and in 2010 when the National Conservatives came to power, xenophobia increased sharply. By 2016, xenophobia in Hungary achieved its peak and a serious reason for that is refuges crisis and terrorist attracts which often occurred in Europe. Hungary does not welcome refuges, Hungarian government let immigrants know that they are not welcomed and they cannot stay in Hungary by initiated outdoor advertising where is written

“Refugees cannot find a job, you are not allowed to take Hungarians job places”.

According to Pew research centre, 83% Hungarians are convinced that immigrants are one the main economic problems reasons. The same opinion has 75% of Poland population, but in Germany to where yearly immigrate millions of people does not follow this view, there is only 31% who think that immigrants are problem to the economy of country. Xenophobia and fear of terrorism is increasing, Hungarians believe that Paris attack was implemented by terrorist who was among refuges. 76% Hungarians responded that refuges will increase domestic terrorism.

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