I Took a Pill in Ibiza
Mike Posner

“How can a song with depressing lyrics like “I took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool, and when I finally got sober felt ten years older,” be the soundtrack to partygoer’s tequila shots and sparkler-draped champagne bottle delivery?”

From my experience with Ibiza partygoers and individuals of that ilk, its highly likely that a clubby, techno song (ie a song that is intended to get your heartrate going) embracing sadness somewhat secondarily through its lyrics may actually represent the ethos of those individuals more than they would likely care to admit. Further, the juxtaposition in the remix - the faster beat under the haunting lyrics - probably speaks closer to the truth of the mindset of those involved in living the lifestyle described than the (very beautiful) original. So, the path the song has taken since it was created may actually have found it at a more honest destination, and provided it a deeper sense of meaning than just another typical “sad song.” Of course, that’s just my mere opinion…which is different for everyone who listens!