4 Types of Company in Myanmar

LLC — Limited Liability Company

Companies may be a limited liability company, whether public or private sector in Myanmar. It must be a limited liability private companies at least two shareholders, and must be of the corporation, have at least seven shareholders. There is currently no foreign public limited liability company in the country. Companies can with limited liability with 100% foreign investment.

There are two types of company in Myanmar: the company, which received approval from the Commission of Myanmar Investment (often called the MIC Inc.) or standard company that is registered under the Companies Act Myanmar (often called MCA Inc. or Decca company to be registered with the Directorate of Investment and Management.) and the difference between these two types of companies is that companies have a minimum microphone higher capital requirements are usually large companies that operate in large projects. Eligible for investment incentives under the Foreign Investment Law Mic companies, while companies MCA is not.
 Branch registered CompanyOpening a branch in Myanmar Company Registration, you do not need to get permission from the MIC if registered under the Military Commissions Act, and the development of the presence in Myanmar is less time consuming and difficult. It may also be companies under this structure to be registered as manufacturing or services. Foreign branches are taxed in the tax on top of regular corporate company 35 percent compared with the rate of 25 percent per year for companies incorporated under the CA or MFIL with.
 Representative Office Company

Do not allow representation offices for conducting business activities that generate direct income Myanmar or within a limited basis in their jobs. However, it is relatively easy to configure. The representative office is able to work as a link between its headquarters abroad and no market research on the ground, and establish a presence without profit through this representative office performance projects in particular.
Joint venture Company

It can form joint ventures in partnerships or limited liability companies with the people of Myanmar, a private company, cooperative or state enterprise.
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