Company Registration in Myanmar

Investors interested in Company Registration in Myanmar, Start first have to decide what kind of structure they want to stay. The options are a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), a registered branch of a foreign company, or a joint venture.

After deciding on the type of work you want to configure have to apply for permission to trade in the company’s registration office, which is under the supervision of the Directorate of Investment Management. CRO is the main office in Nay Pyi Taw, but the branch in Yangon has been recently opened. Here are the documents that you need to apply for permission to trade:
 (1) Model: A Myanmar system companies in 1957(2) Draft of incorporation and rules of procedure contract(3) completed a questionnaire correctly(4) Activities to be performed(5) and Myanmar’s estimated bear the expenses of the operations during the first year(6) the financial credibility of the company / person(7) Council decision Director, if it is a joint company.
After the submission of these documents are temporary and get a trade, you will have to make another series of forms to record your permission. Clarification: first obtain a permit to trading. With your permission to trade then you can register your company. This is the documentation that you need to register the company (as in CRO):(1) Two sets of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association duly stamped and printed in both English and Myanmar(2) Advertising Joining(3) A statement of the legal and official documents of version(4) A statement of the position of head office(5) certified translation by a competent interpreter(6) a list of administration(7) a list of the person (s) authorized to accept service of process and notice Myanmar, on behalf of the company (ie the branch of a foreign company.)
After registration you will need to pump the required amount of capital in the business (this depending on the type of work you are configuring) Airports The above process is normal for the company under the Companies Act Myanmar. Investors who wish to apply for the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) permission must submit a detailed business plan and financial model of the MIC, as well as fill out additional forms. To request MIC statement is a good idea to have a local company to help in this process.

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