Finding Business Partner in Myanmar (Burma)

What are the situations you want to finding a business partner of Myanmar local…?

In regulated industries, it may be required for foreign investors to collaborate with a Myanmar citizen or company to invest in these areas. Example would be in the area of ​​retail trade, hotels, real estate, setting up factories to provide the construction industry and building local production and distribution of confectionery products for distribution and sale premises, the creation of private hospitals , etc.

If you are an entrepreneur and stock up on goods from countries such as China and Thailand, where the cost is increased rapidly from year to year due to rising wages — you may want to find a partner for local production in Myanmar which can provide you with a more competitive cost of goods. The average labor cost per worker, factory in Myanmar is like 25% of that of China.
 If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer or building and construction, for example, and want to find a reliable distributor.
 If you are a company that serves the industries of oil and gas and mining geological specialist, and your service is called only when there is open competition and you need to find a local expert who can work for you on a 20-hour -semaine preferably at home. However, when there is a competition, you need your local representative to work full-time for three months in a section of a service center.

We can help you find suitable partners we have built a large database company in Myanmar, who are business owners are.

Note that if you ask your friends to recommend Myanmar distributor or joint venture partners — unless you are very familiar with the industry you want to enter — most likely present their parents or friends to you as they are very Useful and local. But it is that what you want?

If you want to work with professionals who are very objective and combs in the industrial sector — identification of entities according to the selection criteria, ensuring that these companies are legally company that owns the license for operation necessary, the activities and history to deliver the kind of saved the performance you would expect from a potential business partner, please contact us.

For your information, many people in Myanmar, including foreign ones, with the official name of the polling company, job title fantasy, beautiful business card and work site without appropriate operating license in Myanmar. You can tell from their business card, website or suits they wear? We can tell you in 10 minutes if the company is legitimate and who is the CEO!

Imagine if you spend a month of fruitless searching, trading and “build relationships” in Myanmar, in search of traces wild. What does it cost in terms of food, accommodation, transport and entertainment? Assuming your stay in a 4 star hotel, it is very likely to spend US $ 300 per day — within 30 days will spend US $ 9,000 US $ 9,000 this month excluding the cost of the flight and the time spent! Myanmar. The return air ticket, travel visa and transportation to and from the airport would cost about US $ 2,000? What is the first income in the past one month in Myanmar? The time you spend away your family — how much it costs ratio wise?

Myanmar as all emerging markets requires attention and your time. However, there are those businessmen who use their time wisely and use our service to proactively plan their trips in order to ensure that it is a short but productive.

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