How is the Aluminium Windows and Doors Market Growing?

The increasing popularity of aluminium products for both commercial and domestic projects is set to continue, as a number of reports show a positive forecast for the aluminium market over the next few years:

· The Commercial Glazing Market Report UK 2015–2019 analysis, revealed prospects for growth in the market over the next four to five years.

· The 2016 Capital Spending Forecast from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International, commented that total capital spending will edge up more than 2 percent next year.

· The European Aluminium Association (EAA) have reported that the ‘demand in Europe for aluminium solutions is constantly increasing as aluminium is increasingly substituting other materials’.

Although the industry saw a decline in the period between 2008 and 2011, we have seen a growing demand for aluminium in the building sector, driven by its beneficial properties and its flexibility and sustainability in homes and commercial properties. With a proposed interest in aluminium for developments overseas, this also gives British manufacturers the opportunity to grow with the UK economy.

Why has aluminium become so popular in the windows and doors industry?

Although aluminium has always been popular in the commercial market, particularly in its use for commercial windows, there has been a recent uptake in the domestic market. There is now an improved awareness of aluminium windows and doors alongside PVCu and wooden alternatives, where customers have more resources and an interest in making informed design-led decisions. As such, there has been a growing popularity in aluminium bi-fold doors, leading window manufacturers and installers to also offer a wider range of aluminium products.

The benefits of aluminium in the building sector

Sustainability: Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon, and is the most widely used non-ferrous metal. It’s an extremely sustainable resource with a high end-of-life recycling rate, meaning that it’s becoming a preferable material for developers in the building sector. In the windows and doors market, aluminium can help to improve a building’s energy-efficiency, whilst being lightweight and allowing for innovative construction.

Conservation: In the domestic market in particular, PVCu window and door frames may not be approved by local authorities for properties in conservation areas. There is a diverse range of PVCu products which would fit well in conservation areas or in listed properties, however aluminium may provide a more streamlined, slim appearance which would be favoured by local authorities.

Cost-efficiency: Aluminium window and door components have decreased in size and weight and in future, this may lower their cost to compete with PVCu products. Although aluminium is currently the more expensive option, it has long-term environmental benefits and more design flexibility which may be more valuable for customers than the higher cost.

Aluminium bi-fold doors: Bi-folding doors are being adopted by major aluminium providers such as Aluk, Smart and Senior Aluminium. Their popularity is offset by the contemporary appearance of aluminium; it offers a slim line appearance, many colour options, strength and durability and more expansive glass areas. Homeowners who invest in a bi-folding door, may also prefer to upgrade their existing windows to match, as the market is becoming more style focused.

Aluminium seals

As the aluminium market has grown, so too has the demand for flexible extrusions, seals and gaskets for aluminium glazing fabricators. By buying gaskets directly from the manufacturer, fabricators can stand to benefit from prices as much as 20% cheaper, a much more diverse colour choice and a range of innovative and bespoke solutions.

Extrudaseal is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of weather seals and gaskets for aluminium glazing fabricators, which are compatible with many of the leading aluminium profile systems. To find out more about their comprehensive range of flexible extrusions, seals and gaskets, or to discuss your exact product requirements, you can call the Extrudaseal team on 0121 356 8733 or email