Improving energy efficiency with triple fin wool pile weather strips

It is always important to look at the energy you can save in your home or in your business. After all, there is no point in consistently losing heat from a source that could easily be improved and made more energy efficient. Many people just accept their doors or windows as they are, without thinking about making improvements. However, if a door or window’s weather seal has degraded with age, or has been ill-fitted in the first place, there is a strong chance that money is being wasted.

A key way of improving the energy efficiency of a door, window or apparatus is to fix a weather seal of some type. Garage doors, industrial doors, roller shutter boxes and folding or sliding doors systems can all benefit from the installation of this simple application. One of the newer types of seal available on the market is called a triple fin wool pile seal and this has developed to improve on standard wool pile weather seals.

Preventing air escaping will of course contribute to energy efficiency. Air infiltration can be prevented by inserting a barrier of some sort. The triple fin wool pile is a type of wool pile barrier that is built up of three pliable barrier fins. Wool pile alone is a very successful material at combating air filtration, but a three layered wool pile can further improve effectiveness by up to 25%.

The pile is an essential element of this type of weather seal and there are several features that make it a very reliable and durable product. Firstly the triple fin wool pile weather seal has a centred pile design, which makes the pile more consistent throughout. The pile itself is also tighter, ensuring it works more efficiently. Having pile directors within the design also aids effectiveness, as they make sure that the pile stays upright and does not spread out -a term known as “blooming”. In regular wool pile it is quite common to experience the “blooming” effect.

At home or in business, noise insulation is something that most of us would want to improve if given the opportunity. A triple fin wool pile weather seal includes laminated silent fins that are designed to aid noise reduction. An added advantage of this design is that not only does it cut out or reduce noise pollution, but it also acts to improve air and water tightness at the same time.

With any weather seal, it is preferable if installation is as easy as possible. The design of the triple fin wool pile weather seal incorporates a solid backing made of polypropylene making it easier to insert into door and window frames where necessary.

If you are interested in further information about triple fin wool pile and its’ applications then please give the team at Extrudaseal a call on +44 (0)121 356 8733.

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