Why Fabricators Can Stand to Gain from Buying Aluminium Seals Directly

As industry experts have predicted that the worldwide aluminium market will double within the next 10 years, it can be expected that the demand for aluminium weather seals and gaskets will also rise considerably. Aluminium has long been the material of choice for window and door fabrications in the commercial and industrial markets, but in recent years, aluminium has grown in popularity in the domestic sector.

In many cases, aluminium fabricators purchase flexible extrusions, aluminium seals and gaskets directly from profiling systems companies as part of a package deal. However, as profiling companies do not manufacture weather seals and have to buy them in, these packaging deals can be somewhat expensive. There are a number of reasons why fabricators can stand to benefit from buying aluminium sealing extrusions from the manufacturer rather than as part of a package deal:

Aluminium seals may be as much as 20% less expensive

Buying aluminium seals directly from a specialist flexible extrusions manufacturer is usually much cheaper than purchasing them as part of a package deal. Due to the extra costs of buying in seals and gaskets before selling them as part of a package deal, profiling systems companies have to charge a higher price to cover these costs. The simple solution to saving money is to choose to buy aluminium profiling systems and seals separately.

Flexible extrusion suppliers have the knowledge, experience, tools and materials to manufacturer weather seals for a wide range of different aluminium profiles. By choosing to buy aluminium seals that are compatible for use with market leading profile systems such as Senior Aluminium and Smart Aluminium, fabricators can stand to pay as much as 20% less.

Much more innovative sealing solutions are available

Whilst package deals from profile systems companies are likely to feature standard gasket designs, specialists in manufacturing flexible extrusions can provide much more bespoke solutions. If there are any limitations to the weather sealing performance of the aluminium seals provided with aluminium profile systems, manufacturers can devise an innovative design to solve this problem.

Specialist providers can constantly adapt to the latest market trends to ensure that all aluminium seals and gaskets are compatible with the latest aluminium profiles.

All seals and gaskets can be colour matched

As aluminium windows and doors continue to grow in popularity within the domestic sector, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the variety of choices available. As a result, many domestic customers prefer for all weather seals, gaskets and wool pile to be colour matched to the aluminium frames.

Most profiling systems manufacturers can only provide a limited variety of colour choices. However, by choosing to by directly from a specialist in flexible extrusions, fabricators may be able to benefit from a choice of more than 1,000 RAL colours.

If you are an aluminium fabricator looking to find compatible sealing solutions for popular profile systems such as Senior Aluminium and Smart Aluminium, you can contact ExtrudaSeal by calling +44 (0)121 356 8733 or by emailing info@extrudaseal.co.uk.