Extruder Supplies Offers Quality Checked Gefran Pressure Transducer & Controllers!!

The extrusion process is integral to the plastic industry. In the extrusion process, a polymer resin is subjected to heat for melting. The melt is forced through a die for casting to required shapes. The whole process is pivoted to heating, and its control is crucial for uniformity and flow of the melt. The heat of melt generates pressure when it moves along the screw. Temperature and pressure are two monitor-able parameters. The pressure inside an extruder is monitored with transducers that convert pressure into electrical signals, measured in relative physical terms.

Quality Gefran Pressure Transducer

With the understanding that quality and accurate extruder parts of heaters, sensors, and controllers are perennial need of the plastic industry, Extruder Supplies was founded in 2004. Extruder Supplies offers reliable solutions to quality parts. The company is a trusted distributor of diverse extruder’s requirements as OEM replacement parts. The company has an extensive range of various products, available online for a quick response to customers’ specific needs. Extruder Supplies backs their products with dependable customer care service. The company has identified itself by providing superior extrusion products at a highly competitive prices.

Extruder Supplies offers an exclusive range of Gefran pressure transducers and Gefran pressure controllers. Gefran M Series pressure and temperature monitors with digital output, include Gefran pressure transducers with rigid stem or flexible options. K3 Series Gefran pressure transducers with NaK strain gauge can bear a temperature up to 538 ⁰C (1000 ⁰F). They are installed with the mount holes Gefran pressure controller — 40 Series has three keys, a 5-digit display to process signal input from a potentiometer, Strain gauge or the Load-cell.