How are struggles are connected Series : When I see them ; I see us

In Albany An Intersectional Conference Starting the conversation again ! and During the Trump Regime Era

Dear Committed Organizations and Friends :

We are happy to invite you to register for the Connecting our struggles together Series : When I see them, I see us Regional Conference, taking place April 27–29- 30) in Albany, New York.

The purpose of the conference is to gather existing and new members interested of this concept and to get a snapshot of the problems and challenges impacting our local, state, National and Global communities, and to strategize about how we can work together to make an impact within our communities and identities. Crafting greater skills in community organizing, working with folks nationally, skill-building around community organizing,also around Media culture and how can organizers can navigate around the 4th estate and accurately debate our ideas in a light with dignity. In addition to , strengthening our grasps around the security culture by : knowing our rights and how we can work together to create a Transformative movement that Brings an intersectional analyses in these dark times !

Participants will be expected to make commitments beyond the conference, leaving with skills and action plans to take back home in order to take on the mountain of injustice we are bound to face and move that mountain to the promise of freedom.

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In solidarity,

The Conference Steering Committee

I am writing you a letter or I would say a call of help and participation for this weekend of April 27–29th. As folks are well aware I have been connecting the dots across ideological lines and across movement lenses. Now I say, let us organize, let us cultivate, let us revolutionize, let us transform, and give New York State and America as a whole a new life of a movement, A new breath to awaken. This weekend before MayDay. We will be spending this weekend breaking Shackles of being comfortable, Talking about connecting the dots and building a coalition to fight the Regime.

Why: #MoralFridays, and This weekend : to use the ideas form the successful moral mondays movement in North Carolina. To adapt it here and change the day to Friday for one time.

#MoralFridays: When I see Them, I see us! It is time for us to talk about How our struggles are indeed connected. It is time to work together and fight! We must fight the anti-refugee bill in NY (SB 6253)- Updates on this : “

  • On March 14 (2016), It passed the NY Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee on March 14, and now is pending consideration in the Senate Finance Committee.
  • On March 28, the bill was introduced in the Assembly by Assistant Majority Leader Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn)
  • President Trump Also crafted E.O’s In addition to this we are addressing his hatred as well.

This is also being pushed by the same people who are attacking Palestinians right to speech and organize on BDS and any issues on Palestine abroad and in The states. The lawyers who attacked CUNY students and Prof. Sarah Schulman (Novelist and Historian, Community Leader) also problematic Info located here : (

We also Fight against the dehumanization of Folks in general and especially the current trend of the dehumanization of people who are Muslim and practice the faith. However, some may also just identify and organize on ending Islamophobia who still identifies but may not be religious. We unite for those,who aren’t muslim, but still get attacked because they are perceived as. Finally In addition, to this we organize against the same people who are also heavily anti-black via their Legislative bills, their statements, and by their personal lives. i.e Assemblyman — Hikind


We are uniting to take a stand against hate, so when we see each other, Then we can break the chains and move on to the promise land. We rise to cultivate, to agitate, and to empower so we can organize to breath the agency of self determination that we so urgently need and demand.

More on the Anti BDS bill : — The GOP and a lot of Sen DEMs voted. Senate gutted 485 million because of Palestinians organizing (IN CUNY). #MoralFriday is about fighting Islamophobia and ending the dehumanizing of refugees.

We move and we are moral because, we demand an end to the occupation on black lives! We suggest that #BlackLivesMatter also cultivate a BDS formula for themselves on institutions and business who act and commit anti-blackness (which affects Muslims, Refugees and Palestinians who are Black). We move on #MoralFriday ( April 28) because, we cultivated it to address these issues. #Wemove because Trump is well Trump. In Addition to that, we also are moving for a moral Friday because in Islam and in Judaism, Friday is important to us and to some churches as well.

There are so many political prisoners in Palestine and here in America & abroad we move and demand an end to all political prisoners from the thousands in Palestine, to the thousands in The U.S including Mumia Abdul Jamal and Leonard Peltier. We connect these topics with the previous topics as well. The climate of the immigration, migrant, and refugees talks are terrifying. We must talk about the entrapment, the hate attacks, the checkpoints, the detention centers, the borders, the walls, the militarized police killing us, the money, and the declining the rights of movement and determination for the people. These things are all too real to the People of Palestine, Native Peoples, Blacks everywhere, Women everywhere, and to all migrants and refugees of color. Saturday morning we will be talking about the attacks on LGBT/QUEER folks in terms of empowerment rights and that we are #MoreThanMarriage and must #TakeBackPride for Full Federal Equality.

In addition to, demand a conversation about racism in the LGBTQ world and it’s culture, institutions and media in that #PrideSoWhite is still true to us QTPOC. On Friday evening and Saturday night, we will be conducting two keynotes and a couple know your rights workshop and Starting the weekend with the powerful panel that Albany,New York needs to push us to think across the movements and push into transformative work. Finally, Thank you for reading this and considering coming or donating resources and or your time to this transformative and cultiativing of ideas weekend of movement building and standing up to hate and fear, while breaking bread with us who are in the front lines facing this uncertainty. To Donate Online @ Eventbrite :

Yours In solidarity,

Eyad M. Alkurabi.

Director of : Projects,Outreach and Action


Co Founder of : (QPEN)