You know what this is about.
John Gorman

Dear John, how are you doing dude?

Thank you so much really. I am an average 32 years old guy, feeling exactly as you say and doing the same things you are writing about: using the same shirt three days in a row, sleeping almost all the afternoon, trying harder to write a simple email or WhatsApp message or even showing up in my work.

It’s been awful, and during these months I’ve been thinking if somebody else feels “secretly” as I do.

Yesterday by night I read your article and thanks to you, now I can say to my self and to my parents: “Hi there, I’m sick, I’m not feeling great, I need help.”

Receive a big hug from Mexico City!

P. S: Sorry if there are grammar mistakes or typos, I am still learning English. 🤓👍🏿