Well, for starters, it might be because the Palestinian actions (although some of them were sheer…

As you requested, before I address your initial argument. I’ll address the final point you made. YES! I have been to the West bank and to the Gaza Strip. Both a soldier and as as someone who went there to figure shit out on his own. Today, I still consider myself on the far left of the Israeli political spectrum (I wish it wasn’t considered as far left but it is), albeit a little bit more pragmatic and open minded and less of a zealot than I used to be. This actually happened because I HAVE seen the way Palestinians live and in many cases it is horrible.

You’re right that Israel is making the lives of Palestinians hard and at some cases unbearable. However, the vast majority of the Israeli public is not interested in maintaining the occupation (according to recent polls). The army’s sole purpose in the territories is to protect the Settlers, which have no business there in the first place.

The settlers are, unfortunately, one of the strongest political groups in Israel and they are only getting stronger.

That being said, I don’t share your sentiment that Israel is the root of all evil in this conflict, I did, but I don’t anymore. My extensive time in the occupied territories, which is what they are no doubt, has helped me come to the realisation that the regular Joes in Palestine and Israel are being used by strong interest groups with no desire for or are afraid of peace / change.

On the other hand, you have Palestinian terrorist groups who have, and still do, kill innocent men, women, and children including numerous Palestinians who dare resist them. You’d be safe in assuming that Hamas has killed just as many Palestinians as they do Israelis.

They are not helping the Palestinian cause and are only making the daily lives of Palestinians even more unbearable. Money being sent by the EU for infrastructure is going to fund their activities considered illegal by most of the World’s democracies.

If the situation isn’t desperate enough so far, enter the Palestinian government who, while terrorist organizations have one hand down the Palestinian’s people front pocket, they have their hands deep into every other pocket.

Finally, one of the best tactics used by failing and corrupt governments facing anger from their constituants is to blame someone else for their situation.

Again, Israel is very much to blame for the occupation and lack of freedom but the poverty of most of the Palestinian people while their rulers own mansions in the French Riviera is in so small part an internal matter.

Israel is being portrayed as the root of all evil in the world not just by Palestinians but also by other Arab despotes. It’s an old tactic that has worked for decades.

I’m not a political person, well not so much anymore, I just want to live my life in peace and I’m sure that’s all most Israelis and Palestinians want.

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