Make More Money With Google AdSense — The One Metric You Have To Optimize

If you clicked the link to land here, we predict you’re using Google AdSense to monetize your blog. Duh! Thank you Captain Obvious! You’ve also read many blog posts describing how to increase revenue with AdSense. Strategies, best practices, and tricks a through z. You’ve read it all until your iPad batteries ran out and your eyeballs throbbed with pain.

But if you’re a repeat visitors to our AdNgin blog, you know we dig deeper. We want our posts to to provide real actionable insights for Google AdSense publishers that you can start using today and see results. So… “Why is this blog post different from other AdSense how to blog posts?” Very clever of you. We’re happy you asked!

Everything we’re about to tell you comes from our data — and a lot of it.

Before you start thinking this is going to be too dull or hard to understand, don’t get your undies in a bunch. It isn’t.

It’s our job to figure out all the complex data stuff. In fact, we have several vitamin-D deficit analysts with triple monitors. They work in the dark depths of our basement and only come out when they run out of sugar cubes at our coffee station.

So if you value super smart people that not-so-secretly wish they were Tyr, Thor’s lesser known older brother, (as per every office Halloween party ever), you’ll value several of our team.

In this post, we asked these data addicts to do the number crunching. Then we cut out the good stuff for you.

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