I mean, apart from your first point (the shooting, and more, legitimately happened in the Old City…
Meerabelle Jesuthasan

I’m sorry if it seemed like I meant to discount your knowledge, education or opinion regarding the conflict, because that was never my intention.
You’re entitled to your opinion like the rest of us and I respect anyone able to manage a civil discussion about this hard topic.
I would even agree with you that the conditions in which some of the people on the west bank live in are very harsh. 
That being said — my point was that these conditions were born out of the circumstances and not out of pure evil intentions like some are assuming.

So even if we agree that these people are entitled to better and safer life, I would also argue that the people of Israel are entitled to safer life and therefore immediate change is not possible as this immense pressure is the only reason why we don’t see suicide bombers anymore after too many years of terrorism from the West Bank.

Regarding the specific case, I don’t know the specifics and I don’t like making uneducated statements so I will leave the subject at that for now even though I’m having hard time believing that this was as simple as you present it.


After reading a bit about Sarah Tarayra it would seem that Israel is claiming she was shot after attempting to stab a policewoman, so I’m not sure she was indeed innocent although as I said before I don’t really know as I wasn’t there. Though as I said — not as simple as you presented it.

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