How To Write About Palestine
Meerabelle Jesuthasan

Let me start by saying that I appreciate you trying to write a balanced piece about the subject and admitting that this conflict is way more complicated than most people understand.
That being said, I think you ended up being a bit biased:
1. “ You will try and comprehend the fact that a woman was shot by an IDF soldier not 500 meters from where you live because she shared her family name with a Palestinian boy who stabbed an Israeli girl in a nearby settlement”- I highly doubt that the IDF would shoot someone without provocation.
2. Ignoring the fact that there is an established country named Israel on some of those lands (i.e Haifa, Tel Aviv, parts of Jerusalem)
3. Not taking the time to try and understand where is all the money Hamas gets in donations disappears to.
4. Not taking the time to understand what a difficult situation it is for a soldier to be in an hostile environment he/she doesn’t want to be in, never knowing which of the people he/she sees are peaceful and which are hostile, that’s a really complex situation to be in.

Most of us Israelis want to live in peace, want the Palestinians to live in peace along side with us but we can’t because a hundred years old conflict is still here, still advancing hatred everywhere to a point where every couple of days someone is dying in the name of this conflict, to a point where some have grown so apathetic to the other side’s suffering due to not being able to live respectfully and safely.
So yeah, we would wish to stop having to send 18 years old kids to determine which of the people are hostile and which only want to live in peace, but we can’t trust the other side — we can’t trust a president who says his all for peace when talking internationally but embrace terrorist acts and calls for banishment of Jews from his supposed lands when talking to his people.
We also most certainly can’t trust a terrorist organization which have been sworn for our destruction in the past 30–40 years.

I won’t say Israel is acting perfectly neither that everything that happens in the West Bank is 100% moral. but, and that’s a big one, it all comes down to mutual distrust that won’t go away any time soon.

Personally I can’t see any solution any time soon, which makes me a bit sad but I’m a pessimist so who knows…

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