Samsung Gear VR — Oh, Yes!

My amazing wife got me the Samsung Gear VR for my birthday. I can’t blame her for thinking it was the new edition, which isn’t supposed to be available yet. So, without blaming her, I returned it and ‘pre-ordered’ the new one, and got it sooner than expected.

VR excites me like I was 5 year old. I remember the VR stations in video arcades back in the 90’s, and until today I don’t understand how no VR experience was available to the public after they disappeared.
2016 was already declared as ‘The year of VR’.

I have experienced the Oculus Rift before, and I was amazed how immersive the experience was. Amazingly enough — the Gear VR (also by Oculus), managed to surprise me again.

First, I was surprised by the PERFORMANCE. While the Rift was running on a gaming machine, the Gear VR runs just as good on my Samsung S6! The phone is an inch away from my eyes, behind optic lens off course, so each eye get’s half a screen, yet, the video quality remains impressive!
The accuracy of head movements was perfect. The Gear VR itself doesn’t have a lot in it besides my phone, but it does have gyros that respond to my motion without being even a bit leggy.
The phone heats up after a long usage, and it will even ask me to put a rest to my VR game time.

Comparing it to the Rift, this experience was more NATURAL, because the device is lightweight, and it’s wireless. It sounds negligent if your standing in place, but it means a lot that you can turn around freely without worrying about the cables. The mobility is also nice, if you plan to take it to friends. I walked my dog to the park at night, and let myself really wonder around with my VR set on.

Another thing that made the VR experience exciting again is the CONTENT. There’s already a nice marketplace of apps, some free and some paid, and you can experience so much already. Some apps are platforms of content. On the ‘Milk VR’ app, for example you can stream or download great short VR videos.

  1. I hopped for a minute back to the beach of Tel Aviv, right before sunset. It was a static 3D-panoramic photo, yet it was enough to really throw me.
  2. I imagined the next Youtube when I found myself sitting in a joint with 5 teenage boys, then one of them started hip hopping.
  3. I went back to Burning Man, standing on a trailer roof, watching the night covering the desert, and the lights of the bikes and art cars coloring the dark streets of Black Rock city, while my body kept moving to the beat of deep house.
  4. I spent a night with 3 young ladies. Ah, no, porn is not there yet. It was a nice night. We started in a small dance club. Then they were chatting in the restrooms, and I was with them. They played an interesting group ping-pong, and we ended under a dome structure watching the sunrise.
  5. I was on a parade truck, hanging very high above the crowd. When I went by them, the crowd was looking at me and waving hello. I know that they were waiving at that weird 360 camera, not knowing what it really is, but it was enough for me to wave back. Yes. While my amazing wife was watching TV, I was standing in that same room, turning around and waving hello in the air.

I didn’t experience interactive apps/games yet, so I have more to wait for.

Warning — I’m about to close this post sounding like I have an affiliation with Samsung: With this PRICE ($100) it’s going to be a popular Christmas gift.