Adrian Tache
Nov 21 · 1 min read

I feel one thing isn’t mentioned: man icons also represents human, so men and women alike. Icons are abstractions and an icon displaying a (hu)man can easily represent both genders (not all women have long hair and big boobs!). This is why there are in general few icons that represent women, because they are only necessary in the circumstances where the clear distinction of gender is relevant, such as toilets for example. And that seems normal to me, because while both a woman and a man can identify with a genderless icon representing a human, a man cannot identify with an icon representing a woman. I’m not saying it’s not nice to have more icons depicting females, but it is in general unnecessary to make the distinction.

This also results in an interesting problem where, while there are icons that strictly represent women, it’s much more difficult to design icons that strictly represent men without resorting to stereotypes or fashion.

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