100% Free Criminal Records Check: Done Right Online!!!

Discovering online sources which provide 100% free criminal records in reality isn’t as difficult as it might seem to most people. It is important to realize before we get into the meat of things. That it does require a little effort from the searcher. 100% free criminal background check online can be done using databases from local county courthouses, state public record databases, and city law enforcement officials departments. The drawback with using only localized criminal records is that you might miss criminal activity which might have occurred in another jurisdiction. Unless the criminal record searcher is very certain that the individual on whom the search is being done on doesn't have any records in another state or county. It’s a good idea to run a nationwide scan to make sure nothing is missed. But using official local sources is going to produce the highest quality of arrest records. To do a national criminal records check use of a site like FreePeopleScan.com the instant scan gives an instant breakdown of an individual’s records and possible locations prior to requesting a payment of a total report.

As far as 100% free criminal background check go. It’s going to be different from state to state in terms of how they exhibit criminal records data and if they charge for it. In this short tutorial I hoping to demonstrate the ideal approaches for locating official public criminal arrest reports free. We will be using of the state of Michigan in this report. A criminal records check can perform this way in just about any state. When searching for official local sources be certain you are truly working on real government web pages. Having the website address end with a .gov is certainly going to be genuine. You’re still going to get government websites which will use .us or .com. So browse around the site and make sure it’s an actual official source.


Why don’t we try to track down official Michigan state criminal records online. Look for court records and prison records. I’m going to use Google and use keyword “court records Michigan” and “Michigan department of corrections offender search” and looking out for a website that ends with a .gov or .us.
- Result for court records in Michigan — https://courts.michigan.gov/opinions_orders/case_search/pages/default.aspx (as you can see the domain ends with a .gov)
- Result for the department of corrections in Michigan — https://www.michigan.gov/corrections/0,4551,7-119-1409---,00.html


Let’s look into any 100% free criminal records check sources we are able to find at the county level. I am going to utilize google search again and look for court records, sheriff’s records, and jail arrest inmate portals in Wayne County MI.
Outcome for “Wayne County Mi court of clerks” — https://www.waynecounty.com/elected/clerk/records.aspx
Result for “Wayne County Mi sheriff public records” — https://www.waynecounty.com/county/foia-request-form.aspx
Results for “Wayne County Mi inmate search” —http://www.sheriffconnect.com/operations/jails/search-jail-inmates.html


Now lets search for free criminal background check reports at the city level.
Result for “Detroit police department of records” — https://detroitmi.gov/departments/police-department/detroit-police-department-records-and-reports
Results for “Detroit police inmate search” —http://www.sheriffconnect.com/operations/jails/search-jail-inmates.html

I believe there was enough free arrest resources gathered at least for one state in this article. When you have collected all of the public record directories you believe are needed in the region (Try to find them all). Have a first and last name ready and conduct your 100% free criminal records check search (note some states will ask for a payment). Just remember as I have mentioned above most of these directories is going to be state, county or city specific. I always recommend performing both local and national checks when doing criminal background checks. Utilize a webpage like FreePeopleScan.com and then locate local resources to have a more complete criminal background check online.