Rumina Awal: EyeCheck Day One.

By Rumina Awal — EyeCheck’s Marketing and Communications intern for the summer.

I could not have had a more stunning first day at Eye Check; the team welcomed me with such bright smiles, excitement and incredible enthusiasm.

I had travelled over seven hours overseas from the tiny island that is the UK, which is the size of a speck in comparison to the monstrous Canada! Thus, upon arrival at 9am, I was thirty minutes early due to nerves and the bewilderment of having to navigate around a new city amidst the heavy construction, especially as the locals were just as disorientated.

The first phase of easing me into the team was the usual introductions of the environment where EyeCheck is based, so that I would I would feel comfortable in the place I would be spending my next ten weeks. As I was acquainting myself with the friendly entrepreneurs and their startups, I was overwhelmed with the vast dedication expressed by each team towards success and it struck me of EyeCheck’s potential influence on society as they’re mission is driven by social impact.

My mentors Rachel, Ashutosh and Daxal had invited me to their weekly sync up meeting in the boardroom in which they discussed all the vital events and information gathered during their individual work weeks in furthering the business. It was the first time I had experienced this, and I must admit the team collectively meshed together so well. It was quite inspiring to realize that these young and unique individuals are whom I will be collaborating with for the common interest of EyeCheck.

After the sync up, I discussed with Rachel my goals for this internship. Firstly, I wish to enhance my understanding of social enterprises, thus the team agreed for me to shadow all their meetings, conferences and other media or business related events. This will show me first hand how start-up social enterprises run. Secondly, as a Journalism student, Rachel assigned me to report fortnightly blogs for EyeCheck. Thirdly, as part of the SSIM program, I am to answer a research question as I aim to explore the short and long term social impact of vision correctness in developing nations such as India.

But most importantly, what I wish to gain most from this internship is experience; I want to make the most of my time with EyeCheck. I would like to familiarize myself with the business while supporting the team as much as I can. My time here will give me the opportunity to taste a little of what the world of social enterprise is all about, and to promote the idea that you can mix business with social good. I’m looking forward to what these upcoming weeks have in store for me with EyeCheck, and I’m pretty chuffed that this Brit right here has managed to land an internship for such a great, innovative cause.

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