Secret of gorgeous hair

Who does not want thick and shiny hair? Unfortunately, only some of us are really fortunate to have beautiful hair. Majority of us complain that hair fall, dullness, dandruff, and various other hair problems have wrecked havoc on the manes that used to be stunning sometimes in the past. But we have some secret tips for gorgeous hair that you can follow to feel proud of your crowning glory. Watch out!

· Follow the correct washing regime

A quick solution to instill life back to dry and dehydrated hair is to follow the correct washing regime. If you have the habit of washing your hair with shampoo everyday then stop it immediately. The professionals at reputed Salon in Bangalore suggest that regular washing strips natural moisture from your hair, thereby leaving it scorched. Moreover, this incorrect habit also disturbs the natural pH balance of your manes. Hence, the right regime is to restrict washing to two to three times a week. However, you can dampen your hair everyday to keep your scalp clean and devoid of sweat and grime.

· Dry it properly

Lack of time often compels us to use blow driers to dry our manes instantly. Unfortunately, if this practice is followed in a regimented manner everyday then it will make the hair brittle and parched! It is an advice that you should make attempt to dry your hair naturally and restrict the use of blow driers as much as possible. However, whenever you use a blow drier ensure that it is held it at least six inches away from your manes and turned on to the cool mode instead of using warm or hot mode.

· Use the right products

Selection of right hair care products is also essential for ensuring that your tresses will look healthy and stunning. Hence, it is recommended that you must refrain from using products that have loads of chemicals and alcohol in them. Switch over to herbal alternatives manufactured by reputed brands. Never forget to pick up a shampoo as per the type of your hair. Never ever think of skipping conditioner after shampooing your hair. Even oily hair needs conditioning to instill life to the manes and make the tips nourished. However, just like shampoo you must select conditioner according to your hair type.

· Go for spa

A nourishing spa treatment at least twice a month is highly essential for making your hair look voluminous and healthy. You can visit a salon near you for the purpose. Alternatively, you can opt for a nourishing hair mask at home too with homemade products.