Myths about wearing eyeglasses

Break away the myth. Read below:-

  1. Wearing glasses will worsen your vision:

Ok, let’s get clear this off. Glasses are simply an aid to improve your vision. They will never worsen your eyesight, it will if you avoid wearing them. Just throwing a light or two on why we need reading glasses after a certain age. As we advance in age, the muscle around the eyes grow weaker. It becomes harder for us to see things up-close. Don’t feel sorry if the power of your readers goes on increasing with your age. They are part of the natural process. And until and unless you wear a poor quality lenses, they are not going to make your sight any worse.

2. You are already wearing glasses, now not wearing them will cause your vision to weaken faster:

If you are prescribed with glasses, the side effects of not wearing will include blurriness and distortion. If you try to focus without the glasses, then it will not make your vision deteriorate faster. It would simply lead you to squint and cause eye strain. The discomfort cause by not wearing the glasses is temporary. Once you start using them regularly, your vision will be back to normalcy.

3. Buying glasses online is bad:

To be honest. It doesn’t really matter where you get your glasses from. The quality and your power should be the describing factor to aid your vision. Glasses contain magnifying lenses in varying powers that works well. Doesn’t matter where you get your glasses from. The only condition to get the perfect glasses is to get the correct prescription first. However, if you are wearing a non-prescription glasses whose power is either too weak or strong for your eyes could have some side issue but it will not cause long-term damage to your vision.

4. Your readers will make your eyes stronger:

An absolute lie. Wearing glasses provide clearer vision and does not improve or reduce your prescription. The magnification power of your readers is not going to strengthen your eyes over time. The crux- glasses do not cure bad vision.

5. Watching TV up close is bad for your eyes:

Television sets do emit mild levels of radiation, but it is a rumour since the 60’s. With the advancement of technology nowadays, the TVs come with proper shielding of radiation and is no longer an issue. Though sitting in front of the TV for long hours could cause your eyes to strain, irritation and sometimes watery or dry eyes. So if you are using any digital devices for an extended period of time, use a pair of computer glasses

6. Eating carrots improve your eyesight:

No doubt a balance diet is always helpful. Carrots are considered a very good source of Vitamin A which are one essential nutrients to keep your eyes healthy. Bad vision isn’t going to improve if you start eating carrots. You will need proper glasses to aid your vision and continue to eat carrots to further protect it from deteriorating. Also making them part of your daily diet can help you reduce the impact of cataract and age-related macular degeneration.

7. You don’t need regular eye check-up if you are able to see clearly:

Lucky you! You have been smooth sailing life with 20/20 vision. Remember, most eye diseases and conditions do not have symptoms. It is always advisable to get your eyes checked at least every six months by a certified optometrist. This will ensure early detection of any underlying conditions and make sure your eyes are healthy as you age. A comprehensive eye test is not just going to detect eye problems, they also detect other underlying health conditions such as tumours, diabetes, blood pressure, etc., even before their actual symptoms manifest.

8. Reading in dim light will damage your eyesight:

You may feel blinded trying to read in dim light, but you will not go blind. Your eyes get strain trying to focus in the low light, causing fatigue, headache and tiredness. It may also result in sore, dry, or watery eyes. The good news is this symptom is temporary. They will go away soon and will not harm your eyesight at all.

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