Myth of Carrot and Eyes

The myth about carrot of improving your eyesight is said to be started during the 11 world war propaganda campaign. During the war, the government states that carrot was the secret behind pilots success.

In an advertisement in the war, touted the benefits of carrot for nighttime vision. One of them reads “ Carrot keeps you healthy and help you see the blackout”.

Well, we have heard many advice and read many articles of how carrot is good for our eyes. But have you ever wondered, how and why?

First of all, Why carrot. How and what it is good for.?

It contains

Vitamin A

Carrot have rich Vitamin A. deficiencies in Vitamin A are leading to blindness in today’s world. But we should be very careful with our diet and eat everything equally. Lack of vitamin A can also lead to Cataracts, Mascular degeneration and Xerophthalmia.


Carrot contains lutein, a very important antioxidant. It is known to incrase the density of pigment in the macula( the yellow shaped oval area in the centre of the retina). With the increase of the pigment density, the retina is protected mo and the risk for mascular degenaration decreases.

Yes, Carrot do have benefits for the eye but don’t fully be dependent upon the Carrot. If your child is having problem , take him to a doctor at the earliest. You cannot keep on feeding him carrot. For you don’t know what his eye problem is. He might have to wear eyeglasses.

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