Why is Sunglasses necessary during winter ?

Many of us wonder if sunglasses is necessary during winter, but yes! It is necessary. Some of the main reasons are given below.

Sunglasses Reduce Glare: During winter, the wintry hasten coats the surface in water ,snow and ice. They are extremely bright and can cause to impair vision.

Did you also know that The reflection of the snow can cause a sunburn on the Cornea?? Lattman says it is called “Snow Blindness” .

Protection from harmful UV rays: Wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun is a basic thing. But many people do not put hint to the importance of these. Always be aware that Quality Sunglasses Block? Harmful UVA, UVB and UVC Rays.

Not only does it protect the eye but also act as an excellent protection to delicate skin around the eye and helps in preventing wrinkles and Premature aging caused by UV rays.

Sunglasses Reduces headache and eyestrain, protects from dust and debris: Sunglasses in important due to the cold harsh and dry winter. The pupil of the eye controls the light reaching the light-sensitive retina of the eye, so wearing sunglasses helps you to dilate the light as much as possible. ‘

Sunglasses also helps you to keep your contact lenses from drying out and prevent duat and particles from causing corneal abrasion.

Most importantly, sunglasses help to improve vision: like the other part of the body, our eyes also needs the right amount of light for good vision and good long term health. Too little light is as bad as too much light.

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