Three Cyber Security Risks You Should Be Aware Of

Keeping a business running smoothly and in the black can be an enormous challenge due to the continued efforts of cyber criminals to break in and steal your business data. Many business owners realize having the latest antivirus software is an asset, but important cyber security tools aren’t limited to just software. Other factors can cripple your cyber security efforts, which is why it’s important to identify them and deal with each factor before your company is victimized by cyber attackers.

Budget Limitations

Many obstacles exist that can constrain business growth, not the least of which is a company’s budget and resources. Responsible business owners cannot spend on every priority they wish, so they have to limit spending to what will benefit their company the most. Unfortunately, lack of spending on proper cyber security tools is a factor in cyber breaches. One way to get around budget limits is to prioritize your cyber security to threats most relevant to your business. A cyber security firm can provide you with the latest information on threats mostly likely to strike your industry and allow you to plan accordingly.

Old Hardware

If you have computers with old operating systems, you might not be able to install the latest software patches. Your computers may also run off old software that utilizes older plugins. Any of these issues can create holes in your computer security that permits viruses and hacks into your data. When you buy hardware, check to see how many updates it can handle. A qualified cyber security firm can also keep you on top of the latest software and the hardware it can run on.

Human Behavior

Cyber risks aren’t limited to technical problems. The best cyber security companies will tell you that sometimes it is the behaviour of your employees that may contribute to the effectiveness of your company’s cyber security. Problems can arise if workers use their computer access maliciously. In fact, a Verizon 2016 data breach report found that employee privilege abuse is the number one cause of data leaks. So it’s important that you set access levels for your employees wisely. Make sure lower level employees cannot access sensitive data or cannot access it outside of a particular location. Also, set restrictions on data transmission to external drives or email.

Effective cyber security requires a comprehensive look at human factors, hardware and available resources and capital. Learn about the pressing dangers to your industry, make priorities, and make sure you have effective hardware in addition to cyber security tools to protect your data.

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