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This is not straight forward Part2, but rather so called “clinical case” — individual situation. A message we received after we went public with our EyeGlob.Net project. It nicely represents how crypto economy can benefit healthcare from a perspective of individual person. We do not disclose the name of a person as per his individual wish.

Male, 32, IT professional.

“Dear team,

As a dry eye disease sufferer, a disease which has severely impacted my quality of life over the last 5 years in a negative way. I’m practically waiting for finally seeing some improvements in eye health care. I’m waiting for new treatments to be developed and to come to market. I’m waiting for eye doctors in my country to finally take an interest in my disease and treatments for it so I don’t have to travel abroad so much. I’m tired of waiting for hours in the waiting room for a specialist to see me for 10 minutes and being totally unavailable to me via the internet. Unfortunately, “Make an appointment” is still the prevailing mantra for most ophthalmologists. Even for simple questions patients need to spend a lot of time getting to them and waiting for them. Also, when I want to see another specialist, my current specialist needs to go through bureaucratic procedures and fax my patient records to this new specialist together with a reference letter, since everybody uses different patient systems and they don’t want to use the internet, which is viewed as “unsecure”.

To me as an IT professional everything about this feels like the middle ages to me. I feel it’s time that health care and for me specifically eye-care moves into the 21th century. I’m convinced that technology can improve eye healthcare in massive ways. Technology can be used to connect patients to their eye care specialists, but also patients to other patients and eye care specialist to other eye care specialists. Forming global communities of patients, eye care specialists and researchers can greatly improve patient satisfaction and speed of innovation. Knowledge truly is power. Meanwhile also cutting down the time spend by eye care specialists on bureaucratic procedures, which is something that is long overdue within healthcare because of privacy concerns and fragmented systems.

With the invention of blockchain we can clearly see that one of the ways it will bring massive value is because it enables a power shift from centralized organizations to a decentralized structure where the user is in power again. The user just needs to place trust in the underlying technology of the blockchain based app they use, while such an app can provide the same service/functionality that a company could nowadays. But these companies sell your personal information to advertisers and you don’t know what will happen with all the (medical) information they gathered about you in the coming 30 years. Patients can regain control over their personal data and most importantly their medical data using blockchain. We as patients will decide in the future who gets to see or use our data or not and we know where and how it’s stored, instead of a hundreds of companies who we don’t even know and could easily get hacked since most of them are not using open source development principles.

Because of all this, I became really excited when I came across your project. Your project clearly aims to fix many things that are wrong with eye care today while also making use of the blockchain in the most meaningful way. I hope your ICO will be very successful, so can improve eye healthcare as soon as possible.

All the best!”

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Lucky for us — this individual understands technology we are approaching, but first 9 sentences are experience of any patient and confirmation of existing demand. Ability to connect and digitization of processes may change that forever — if done competently.

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