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This is just weird..

My son’s birthday is late august. I debated with my wife hard on whether to start him at a super-young 5, or hold him back a year so he’s older. I think boys should always be held back, for maturity’s sake if nothing else.

Of course, I lost the argument and he’s about to finish kindergarten at 5. He’s near the top of his class and scoring out perfectly in everything except behavior categories(suprise!)

12 years old in fourth grade? that kid will be driving before other kids hit puberty. wtf? Anyone more than a year older better have a mental disability causing it.

Not to mention, it seems dangerous to have that range of kids in the same grade. 12 year olds are in a whole different place than 9 year olds. I don’t want my son hanging out with kids 3 years older at that age. that’s a 33% gap. That’s like me trying to relate to a 50 year old.

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