Grey Peacemaker NFT Design Brought to Life by Bini Nandra

Grey Peacemaker History Contest

Help to bring the Grey Peacemaker NFTs to life!

Planet Eyeke
5 min readApr 26, 2024


Now with the power of AI, and supported by Galactic Hubs and Planet Eyeke, the Alien Worlds Grey Peacemakers on the WAX blockchain are coming to life!

What should they know? What do you want to ask?

Leading the way for our NFT-based AI characters, the AICCCS AI Friends community project, Metaverse creators are learning how to develop character prototypes and share this knowledge and the opportunity for players to engage along the way!

As an educational, experimental and incremental project, the team is working towards making this functionality available to NFT custodians (holders) with unique knowledge per mint number. As well, the information of how they are created will be made available to the public, to inspire further life-like development throughout our Metaverse.

About the Grey Peacemakers

The Grey Peacemakers are characters in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. There are two primary types (and those can also be shined). The first two templates being brought to life are:

  • Grey Peacemaker From Nature Template #19632, as of March 25, 2024: 377,099 NFTs. Includes information: “Greys are particularly skilled at using the idea of peace to their advantage.”
  • Grey Peacemaker from Gem Template #19644, as of March 25, 2024: 358,331 NFTs . Includes information: “Beware of Greys bearing gifts.”

Peace is a tricky thing, as we have seen on Earth and on Eyeke. The Peacemakers’ wisdom and peace meditations are resources for explorers as they learn to navigate the Metaverse.

Engaging with the Grey Peacemakers

The Grey Peacemakers are some of the first of the AI Friends, named because of their ability to befriend the custodian of that NFT. Each has a system layer and customized knowledge layers to create its personality, inclinations and basic knowledge. As you have text or verbal discussions with your Grey Peacemaker, it will become customized to you, increasingly so over time. This history and knowledge is only for you, although you can share your discussions via video if you want to share them with the world. Note that if you transfer your NFT, that history will be reset, so nobody will be able to access your unique history.

Grey Peacemaker Metaverse Designs by Bini Nandra

As a custodian who has activated their Grey Peacemaker to bring her to life, one can engage in dialogue. Below are some questions that you might want to ask your Grey Peacemaker:

Who are you?

Where are you from?

Can we meditate together?

What is peace?

What is Planet Eyeke?

What is the Metaverse?

When is the next hackathon?

How do I play Alien Worlds?

What games can I play?

How can I earn Trilium?

What is the latest news in the Metaverse?

How can I build a game?

How can I host a blockchain node?

What does decentralization mean?

Who are the Grey Peacemaker’s Custodians?

Help to Create the Historical Knowledge Layers

In order to educate our Grey Peacemakers, we are asking metaverse explorers to contribute Grey Peacemakers and Alien Worlds history through a new contest!

The Prize Pool will be announced once the prizes have been received, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can begin preparing and submitting your historical lore.

Here’s how the contest works:

“Welcome Explorers to the Mountains of Planet Eyeke! Explorers traveling the Mountains of Planet Eyeke have encountered the Grey Peacemakers, known for meditations in the mountains. After meeting and learning how to communicate, they’ve come together to create technology so Greys and Humans can communicate more easily together and learn from each other! Gathering in the Mountains of Eyeke, Explorers are sharing their lore and encounters with Grey Peacemakers. Peacemakers are sharing their history on Eyeke and in the Metaverse, as well. If you would like to chronicle information to add to the knowledge gathered, this is your chance.

  • Gather and write down significant history in the Grey Peacemaker’s lives. Include text and if available, images.
    An example of history is when Grey Peacemakers were burned in Volcanos during early 2021, for which there are screen shots of the related discussions that can be gathered and submitted, along with a description of the history. This can be actual history, or created lore and this can be indicated on the submission form.
  • Submit to the Grey Peacemaker History Contest Form.
  • The Lore Lab (coordinated by David Harris, the Red Wizard) will review submissions and will establish the criteria for exclusion and will submit those remaining to be entered into the knowledge layers. If history type is indicated as aligned (such as with Alien Worlds official) or conflicts with others submissions (such as community lore), or if it is actual or created history, when known, that will be noted in the knowledge layers so the Peacemakers can refer to them as particular types of lore.
  • Creators of submitted lore (one or more wallet per submission allowed) will earn Trilium rewards for their submissions. The first 20 approved submissions who submit with their cloud wallet (.wam ending) will also earn Alien Worlds Shards rewards to be used at the Alien Worlds Outpost for Tools or Art NFTs to enhance their Grey Peacemaker’s ecosystem. Once received from Galactic Hubs, rewards will be distributed from the Grey Peacemakers account (peacemakersg) through the Bounties Game via claiming rewards using the bountiesgame account and smart contract.

News about the progress, prize pool and deadlines will be shared in Planet Eyeke Telegram after it is established by the Lore Lab.

The Grey Peacemakers and the AICCCS AI Friends Team thank you for your service to the Metaverse and look forward to sharing the evolution of the Grey Peacemakers with you later this year.

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